I am an illustrator, currently based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


My inspiration derives from the little moments in life that contain a certain contact, moments of harmony, stillness and happiness. Moments that occur everyday and may not seem very special at that moment, but that are actually magical when you open your eyes to them. 

A Father buttoning his daughters coat, a big sister reading stories to her siblings, an old woman petting her neighbouring cat. Scenes that represent the beauty and love in life. 

I also love to draw patterns and flowers.

 You can find my illustrations on books, birth announcements, wedding stationary, wallpaper, fabric, greeting cards and prints. 

To keep op with the latest projects and works in progress see: Instagram/nynkelocher.

Studio located at Fivelingo 239, 3524BN Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

info.nynkelocher@gmail.com | Tel: 00316-4459-0325

I love new and different projects so do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas, I would love to hear from you! 

email me at info.nynkelocher@gmail.com 

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